Planning Approvals - CDE, DTSC, and OPSC

Each process section listed on this website refers you to key information and contacts you need in order to complete that process. The process is virtually the same whether your school district is building a state funded new school or modernizing an existing one. For an overall scope of each agency involved in the process, please see The Role of State Agencies in the School Facility Program document.


Please note: A project tracking number is required by CDE, DSA and OPSC when starting a project.
OPSC Project Tracking Number Generator

CDE provides information to assist school districts and their communities in creating well-planned, K-12 learning environments in safe, clean, and up-to date schools. DTSC assesses sites when new acreage is required.

CDE Facilities Information

CDE Site Review Process

CDE Plan Review Process and Required Forms

DTSC School Facility Information

CDE School Facilities Contacts

DTSC School Facilities Contacts

State Funding - District Eligibility For information on how to establish eligibility, or the current status of the district’s eligibility for State funding under the School Facility Program (SFP), please contact the OPSC Project Manager.

OPSC Contacts – Project Managers