Construction - DIR Prevailing Wage

When all required approvals are obtained and the project is ready to begin actual construction, prevailing wage monitoring is an essential piece to ensuring that your project is completed in accordance with all Labor Code requirements. The information below gets you started on the important process of notifying and working with the Department of Industrial Relations through this process.

The Compliance Monitoring Unit or “CMU” was a component within the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement created to monitor and enforce prevailing wage requirements on public works projects that received state bond funding and on other projects that were legally required to use the CMU.

The laws and regulations that govern the new program became effective January 1, 2012, but ended June 20, 2014.  Only projects for which the public works contract was awarded on or after January 1, 2012, and on or before June 19, 2014 were subject to the CMU requirements.

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Senate Bill 854 created the Public Works Contractor Registration Program. The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) monitoring and enforcement is now funded from registration fees rather than payments from contract awarders. For more information please see the DIR website page:

SB 854 - Important Information for Awarding Bodies